Kp-index and Kpa-index archive (1868 to present)


Kp and Kpa — planetary 3-hourly indices of geomagnetic activity

Data from GFZ Potsdam (Kp-index from 1932-present)
and NOAA NCEI (AA-index converted to Kpa from 1868-1931)

Sunspot numbers from WDC-SILSO, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels

A plot of the current Kp-index is located here:

Using the archive

Just select a date using the pull down menus above the plot. Then hit create plot. You can also directly click on a date in the overview plot below the main diagram.

Linking to images

You are welcome to use these diagrams for non commercial purposes. When you do, please, always provide a link to this website (

You can directly link to the current image using this code:
HTML: <img src=""/>
BBCode: [img][/img]

Link to this page showing the current image:

If you want to point people to a certain date in the archive, you can provide a link as follows:

Where YYYY is the year, MM the month, and DD the day (all dates from 1932 to present). N specifies the number of days the diagram covers. Possible values for N are from 3 to 7 days.

Linking to 21 October 1989 would look like this (7 day plot):

Additional info

The activity level classification for the geomagnetic storms follows NOAA's space weather scale for geomagnetic storms. See discussion in the forum of the Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V. (AKM).

All dates and times are UTC.

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